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Hardwaredesign new Xbox 360 model: no drastic changes


Although the new Xbox 360 model is more compact and should make less noise then its predecessor, its components such as cooling, storage and data processing are more or less the same as the old Xbox 360 model.


Microsoft announced the 2013 model of the 360 this week as a follow-up to the in 2010 relased Xbox slim model. The design is inspired by the new Xbox One design. The totally renewed 360 model hit the market immediately in the US. iFixit decied to tear down this new model, to review the changes made by Microsoft.


The Xbox 360 E, as the model is named, is relatively easy to open. The buttons on the front now have a seperate PCB. Furthermore Microsoft left out one USB port, which now makes a total of four USB 2.0 ports available. Microsoft also removed the old a/v and s/pdif outputs with one single optical audio output.


Internally iFixit found a new RF module. The cooling system that Microsoft introduced with the Xbox 360 Slim to counter the problems with the famous red ring of death, has been left intact. The different fan design and other heatsink are still there. Microsoft equips the new 360 with a 5400rpm Seagate with 250GB. The optical drive is one from Lite-On.


Although the new E-model does not have any drastic changes in the hardware, and mostly likely only offers Microsoft a cost reduction in production, the new console is very easy repairable. All parts are replaceable, although the hard-drive can only be upgraded by an official unit.


Microsoft Xbox 360 E

Microsoft Xbox 360 E



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