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Microsoft removes “always-on” and DRM for the Xbox One


According to Don Mattrick, Microsoft is going to make some drastic changes to their Xbox One policies. It is no longer necessary to connect to the internet every 24 hours. Furthermore Microsoft skips the reselling games policies about which we reported earlier.

Mattrick, who is a head of the Interactive Entertainment division of Microsoft and responsible for the introduction of the new Xbox One, communicated about this drastic change on the official website of the Xbox One console. Mattrick says Microsoft is making these changes after feedback from many customers. Microsoft is making two policy changes: the console no longer needs to be online once every 24 hours. In the new situation the console only needs to contact the Microsoft servers once during installation, after that games can be played offline from disc. Furthermore Microsoft is skipping the restriction on the reselling of games. Just like the games for the Xbox 360, games can be sold, rented and hired.


Ever since Microsoft has announced the Xbox One on the 21st of may, there was a lot of controversy about both policies. Especially because Microsoft’s major competitor Sony didn’t put any restrictions in place for its new console, the PlayStation 4. Now that Microsoft is letting go of both restrictions, there is still one complaint left: Microsoft allows publishers to publish games only via the Xbox Live platform. This forces small developers to get a contract with a publisher. Sony does not have this requirement, which allow indie developers to develop games for the console.


In a press conference just before the game show E3, both Microsoft and Sony released the price of their new console. The PlayStation 4 will have a price tag of 399 euro. The Xbone is 100 euro more expensive, although Microsoft does ship the Xbox One with the Kinect sensor. The Xbox One will be released in November of this year, while the PlayStation 4 will be released during the Christmas period.


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