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SmartGlass and Xbox Live


With Microsoft Smart Glass any smartphone or tablet can act as a remote control for the Xbox One and as an extra screen for additional content. Devices are not required to be running Windows, there are already apps available  for Android and iOS and of course for Windows 8/RT and Windows Phone. The Xbox One will have SmartGlass built in, as Microsoft announced. In addition, the operation of smartphones, tablets and computers are so that they, according to the Redmond company, ‘made to work’ with the new console.

Xbox One SmartGlass

Xbox One SmartGlass

By connecting the console to a tv-settopbox, the user can use his smartphone or tablet to zap. Microsoft did not reveal many details about the innovations of Smart Glass nor demonstrated the company’s technology in combination with the Xbox One. It is obvious that Smart Glass plays an important role in the objective to make the One the center of entertainment in the living room as it provides compatibility with various devices by third parties.


Xbox Live looks alot like the current version, but Microsoft is heavily investing in the platform. The company claims to increase the number of servers for the platform to 300,000, where that number now stands at 15,000 servers. Xbox Live should become the platform on which users store their music, movies and games and that they can access their content from different devices. Live should include better support for matchmaking via its Smart Match service, users need to be able to store the game progress and highlights easily online and there should be a comprehensive achievement system, allowing users to share their victories via social media.


Microsoft will extend the maximum number of friends that live users can add to 1000, so this is no longer limited to 100. Furthermore, families with multiple accounts can use a single Xbox Live Gold subscription to the One. Existing 360 Live subscriptions will be able to be used on the Xbox One.

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