Xbox One version of Kinect requires less space


According to a leaked Brazilian Xbox One manual, the new Kinect requires less space because the players can stand at a shorter distance away from the sensor. The current Kinect sensor requies a player to keep 1.8 meters away from the Xbox One while the new version requires just 1.4 meters.

According to the Brazilian manual (PDF), the requirements of the new Kinect setup are more or less comparable to the Xbox 360 version, although the new version requires just a little bit less spacing for correct operation. The sensor should not be located higher then 1.8 meter and not lower then 60 centimers. More important is the distance the player has to keep from the sensor, which is currently 1.8 meter, with the new version this is 1.4 meter. This means that the new sensor can be used in rooms with less space available. Furthermore the manual states that the console should be placed in the horizontal position, this is weird because Microsofts the Kinect in the vertical position most of the times.

Microsoft has chosen to ship the Kinect with the Xbox One console. This as oppose to the Xbox 360 which did not include the Kinect sensor (it was released later). The decision to ship the Xbone with the Kinect sensor got critized by some gamers, because it makes the console more expensive than the biggest competitor the PlayStation 4 from Sony. Sony offers the PlayStation 4 for 399 euros while the Xbox One will cost 499 euros. The 100 euro difference is the same price as the Kinect sensor currently costs.


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