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Xbox One (Xbone) release date, november 2013


The Xbox One console will come on the market in November, as Microsoft has announced. During its E3 keynote The new console, which was previously announced by Microsoft will have a price tag of 499 euros in Europe and $ 499 in the United States.


The console comes with a wireless controller, the Kinect sensor and a two-week trial subscription to Xbox Live Gold standard. Also wants the software giant single release bundles. Which countries in Europe just the console in November will get is not yet clear; Microsoft calls only a total of 21 countries.

Microsoft also announced that Microsoft Points on Xbox Live, the current payment for example, purchases of games, the world will be replaced by payments in local currency. The limit of up to one hundred friends will lapse. Xbox Live Gold subscribers also get the opportunity to share with others, for example if they are temporarily logged their account.


The keynote was also announced the new Smart Glass application. Thus the Upload Studio application will allow users to store, whether or not after making some simple edits in the images. Action images from games on a cloud service Can also be streamed via the service Twitch games, so friends can look at the operations of a player. Support for Twitch will be standard on an Xbox One.


The Xbox One, which was already presented to the press in May has 8GB memory, an AMD APU with eight cores and 500GB storage. Also, a Blu-ray drive present, as well as USB 3.0 and 802.11n WiFi. The included Kinect sensor can record 1080p at 30fps. Microsoft wants to connect the console to tablets, smartphones and Windows 8 computers through its Smart Glass app.

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